Performance & Efficiency


Dynamic driving performance, pleasurable driving experience

Incorporating our full range of pioneering SKYACTIV Technology this compact SUV provides a truly pleasurable driving experience. Our advanced engine, transmission, chassis and body shell technologies work together for a driving performance that’s refined and fuel-efficient.

The chassis gives the steering and handling an agility and responsiveness that’s rare in SUVs. The engine and transmission deliver a dynamic drive with outstanding efficiency, while the Active Torque All-Wheel Drive transfers power to the wheels with most traction. And a body shell that’s light yet strong contributes to first-class safety and excellent aerodynamics.

Engine  Power Transmission  CO2 Emissions  Consumption Combined Road Tax
 2.2L Turbo Diesel
150bhp  Manual 2WD
 139g/km  5.0 ltr/100km
€ 140
 2.2L Turbo Diesel 150bhp  Automatic 2WD
 147g/km  5.0 ltr/100km
€ 140
 2.2L Turbo Diesel 150bhp  Auto AWD  150g/km  5.8 ltr/100km
€ 160
2.0 Petrol 160bhp Manual 2WD 149g/km 6.4 ltr/100km € 160