all-new mazda3

the car that makes you feel

beauty is mazda’s obsession

At Mazda we don't think you should just drive a car, but feel a car.At Mazda we don't think you should just drive a car,  but feel a car. That’s why our All-New Mazda3 has reached the ultimate form of beauty through countless hours of art, science and craftsmanship. The result is driving pleasure that starts even before you get behind the wheel and carries on long after the drive is over. 

the beauty test

what does beauty feel like when you see it?

Our Kodo Soul of Motion design aims to create a bond between car and driver, built on strong feelings of desire and pleasure. The All-New Mazda3 is a perfect example, so we put our artful design to the test by asking people to wear a Muse-Brain Sensing headband to measure reactions when they first see the car. 

beauty brought to life in front of your eyes

Immerse yourself in virtual reality to vividly experience how Mazda’s artful Kodo Design, Japanese craftsmanship and human-centric technology creates cars that stir your senses and make your heart beat faster. Imagine what the All-New Mazda3 is like to drive.

human-centric engineering

driving that feels as natural as walking

Human-centric engineering is our way of making you feel instinctively in complete control. For the All-New Mazda3, a team of experts in ergonomics, driving and seat design studied the body to find new ways to make the tyres, chassis and seats feed back information from the road, leading to a more enjoyably intuitive drive. We call this Jinba Ittai, car and driver in perfect harmony.

sporty and seductive hatchback

Daring next generation Kodo Design, stripped back to reveal an eye-catching sleek and powerful body matched to an energetic, sporty attitude.


sleek and refined sedan

Using our ‘less is more’ philosophy, the Sedan’s attractive low profile and crisp, clean styling stirs the senses of mature drivers who appreciate stylish understatement. 


1The vehicles shown may not be the same as the models intended for the Malta market. 

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