wltp – testing how new cars will perform in everyday life

WLTP stands for Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure and will put cars through a greater range of driving conditions than the outdated New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) test it replaces. 

Introduced in September 2017, WLTP’s rigorous tests are carried out in laboratory conditions under strict supervision to measure the fuel economy, CO2 emissions and pollutant levels of new passenger cars. The energy consumption of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will be measured as well. The new tests aim to give consumers a more realistic picture of how the latest vehicles will perform in everyday driving conditions.  

Mazda’s updated Skyactiv engines will of course fulfil the newest Euro 6d regulations, and will include new technology in future to meet demanding emission limits in cars that are fun to drive with clean, efficient powertrains.

wltp - the benefits to drivers

You will be better informed with a more accurate picture of fuel economy and emissions of a new car. This will enable you to compare the realistic testing results across new cars to make your purchase decision. As the tests are becoming standard for all cars worldwide, you can be confident of the data everywhere.

phases of wltp tests and changes

WLTP took effect as part of the new Euro 6c-and 6d-Temp standards on 1st September 2017 for new models and will apply to all new registered vehicles from 1st September 2018.

By January 2019 only WLTP figures for all new cars on sale will be displayed.



Will the fuel economy and CO2 figures accurately reflect the way i drive?

As with every lab test, there will be differences between results in the lab and real driving figures. WLTP figures will, however, be much closer to real conditions than the old test.

Will it be easier to understand how options fitted to the car make a difference to fuel economy?

Yes. With WLTP, you’ll be able to see how different wheels and tyres, alarms, parking sensors, electric seats and other options might affect fuel consumption. The old NEDC test only used a basic model of each car.

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