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MyMazda is an app that provides you with information about your vehicle, such as its service history and manuals, and it can help you find a Mazda Partner or get updates about recalls. You can also contact roadside assistance using the app. If you have a Connected Vehicle, you can also access many other features like remote control, vehicle finder and send a destination to your car.


The MyMazda app contains documents, like your Digital Service Record (DSR), which tells you when maintenance is needed, and lets you know about deferred items you may want to consider replacing. You can quickly access current warranties and contracts, or explore a digital owner’s manual in the form of easy-to-follow tutorials. You can even call for roadside assistance.

How do I contact Mazda for questions?

If you have any questions that can't be answered in our help section you can contact your preferred Mazda Partner or our Customer Service Team at [email protected].

Can I use multiple devices for the same account?

No, not simultaneously. For security purposes, the app will automatically log other devices out when a new one logs in.

Can I use the app on a tablet, instead of a smartphone?

Yes, but some functions may not work properly, as tablets are not fully supported.


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